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Business Translations

Business translations that present your company and your products in the most effective light and promote your company image to the best advantage.



business plans
Financial reports and balance sheets
Price quotes

Tax documents
Legal and corporation documents of all types
Feasibility studies
Work procedures 
Training material


Insurance and banking documents
Labels  and packaging 
User manuals

Copywriting and localization

Advertising lore is rife with examples of bad advertisingtranslations causing great financial loss to the advertisers. Good advertising translations need a language style with marketing savvy. They should also be specially localized by mother tongue experts in the target language who regularly use the language.

Someone who is not in constant touch with the local language will be likely to miss nuances of meaning and slang and thus may render the advertiser’s message totally ineffective. Our translations speak your customer’s language the way he does.

Website Translations

Does your website speak your customer’s language?
We can help you communicate a clear message that is worded in a style comfortable to your clients and that uses language that is familiar to them.
We know that your website is your shop window to the world and as such it is very important to you that it should be effective and establish real rapport with you clients.
Don’t compromise – let us do a top class website translation for you.

Any document your company sends out directly affects the image of your company. This is true whether you are talking about advertising matter, websites, letters or any other written material.


It is imperative that any translation you receive from us is highly professional and effectively attains its purpose. We are not only conscious of this fact, but we keep it central in our minds in every translation we do for you.
Whether you engage our services for translations, or localization or copywriting, or creative writing, or proof reading and editing, you can rest assured that we will give you  quality service

While a quality translation is the name of the game, to pay a university professor 4 times the market rate for a translation goes counter to our business instincts.  What we do for you is find the best cost effective solution to your requirements.  And we are very successful at this. You will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our prices for high quality translations are.


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