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Founded in 1977

Legal Translations

We assure you of the best translation quality, professionality, reliability and accuracy.


We have done thousands of legal translations for many law firms and their clients, commercial and industrial companies and others.


Our legal translations department specializes in high quality translations of all types  of legal documents including:    



Court pleadings and documents

Company documents of all types

Correspondence and certificates


Court protocols and judgments


Real estate documents and building   documents

Financial documents

Wills and probate


Divorce case documents and agreements


Family law – marriage and divorce, adoption


Any lawyer worth his salt demands and is satisfied only with the best legal translations.  Other people needing legal translations should demand no less.

It is our constant mission to satisfy these demanding lawyer clients. It is no  small satisfaction to us that we have a number of legal offices who are regular customers for our legal translations.

Our legal translations are done by lawyers who are also translators, and by highly competent translators.
We handle all types of legal translations from simple certificates to the most complicated documents.
We can obtain Notarial certification of any translation.

While a quality translation is the name of the game, to pay a university professor 4 times the market rate for a translation goes counter to our business instincts.  What we do for you is find the best cost effective solution to your requirements.  And we are very successful at this. You will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our prices for high quality translations are.

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